What is a Server?

A server can be defined as a computer program that provides service to another computer. In physical terms, a server can be defined as a physical machine over which the computer programs run upon. The machine can either be a dedicated server or it may be used for some other purpose. A server can be a mail server, file server, database server, etc. where an organization’s critical information is kept to be accessed by the users.

A server act as a storage medium where the web pages are stored and connected to the Internet network. A server receives and responds to the requests of the clients in a timely manner when asked. This acts as a connection between an organization, its internal workers or vendors, and potential clients or users of the company.

What is Server Down and Server Crashes?

Server down or server crashes is a situation when the server is unable to respond to the client’s request. In this situation, a user who requests for some content from a server is unable to get the page loaded and one may find messages like ‘The server is not responding’ and ‘server not found’. Such kind of situation restrain an organization from reaching its potential users within time and may incur financial losses to the organization.

The Need to have Server Support

To avoid the financial risks and to ensure the availability of the information in a timely manner, it is imperative to perform regular server maintenance and to have necessary server support. Part of a good server support plan should include server monitoring and server troubleshooting. Server monitoring ensures that server is in optimal condition and prevents major breakdown. Server troubleshooting will ensure that issues and errors are promptly addressed and resolved before it escalates to anything major. This ensures the availability of the content over the web. The potential users would then be able to perform the transactions and request for a service from the company in an efficient manner.

Why choose GOSHEN’s Server Support?

GOSHEN engineers are the experts in server maintenance, server monitoring and server troubleshooting. Having handled some many servers our team is also familiar with the various server operating system. They ensure quick ascertainment of server issues by taking adequate actions to fix the hardware and software issues in minimal time without loss of any company’s valuable data.

Whether you are fixing your old server or you are integrating a new server, GOSHEN is there to offer assistance. GOSHEN ensures proper server setup which is essential in the integration of proper fixes to avoid problems over time. After implementation of a server, GOSHEN team ensures that the server maintenance process is smooth, effective, and pain-free by walking the staff through step by step process so that clients have better understanding of their own infrastructure.

By choosing GOSHEN, the organizations would ensure that their servers are maintained properly and effectively at minimal cost. It would help businesses to achieve sustainability and they would be able to optimize their existing resources efficiently thus increasing the potential of business growth.

Most clients choose GOSHEN because of:

  • Effective Server Setup and Installation
  • 24/7 monitoring of servers
  • Effective Server Diagnosis and Repairs
  • Budget Friendly
  • Well-versed Professionals
  • Sustainable Solution
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