Korean Face Mask
Product code: N94

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Non Medical KF94 mask with Filtration rate > 94% (10pcs per pack)

While Medi-K and Mr.Ing Medical Mask has Filtration rate >99%

MK=Medical Mask (10pcs per pack in Zip lock bag)

Mr.Ing=Medical Mask (10pcs per pack in Zip lock bag)

All KF94 Mask size as below

Adult size: 20.5cm x8.2cm

Kids size: 17cm x7cm

All 3D/6D Mask are non medical mask

10pcs per pack (6D are upgraded 3D mask, 5ply with metal nose clip)


  • Do not wrap the respiratory tract with a towel, tissue, etc. and wear it on top of it.
  • Do not wash and reuse.
  • Do not heat the product.
  • Do not crush or modify the product.
  • Do not touch the surface of the mask after wearing it