In this age, digital processes and documents are as important as physical ones. If you are a small to medium business in Singapore planning to move to a different office, relocating your IT infrastructure securely is one of the most important tasks at hand. But there is more to moving your IT system than just packing and transporting. If something goes wrong with the IT relocation, it can be catastrophic for your business.


To prevent this from happening, you should find reliable Singapore IT relocation services that can assure a successful transfer of your IT system to your new location.

There are four basic steps to IT relocation, and these are:



This is the stage where your IT relocation expert will discuss with you the when, where and hows of the service. When do you plan to move? Where do you plan to move? How the transfer will take place will then be discussed with you and your in-house IT specialist.

The planning stage also includes site evaluation. Both the place you are currently set-up and the place where you will be moving to will be looked into. Your new office will be inspected for power requirements, temperature and ventilation needs, network requirements and equipment layout. The results of the evaluation will be assessed against the initial plans. If necessary, adjustments will be made to ensure the ease and safety of transfer.



With advanced IT systems, you can’t just power off the equipment, unplug connections and proceed with the move. You need to make sure that no data will be lost during the shutdown. An IT Specialist will need to look into the processes that are currently running in your IT structure, and these will be systematically be shutdown as necessary.



Since these are very sensitive equipment, it is important to make sure that all apparatus, devices, cables and connectors are properly labeled, documented and packed. Special packaging can sometimes be used, especially for data racks and servers. These will then be transferred to your new site safely and securely.



Once the equipment has been properly set-up according to the new layout, and the AC and ventilation has been installed to make sure your equipment runs smoothly, the reconnection and reinstallation phase can start. This is the part where we get your IT system up and running again.

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They want to benefit from the flexibility, diversity, security, and scalability of powerful and highly available cloud services for their digital transformation. But you only unlock these potentials if you prepare yourself and your IT departments well enough.

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