Ineffective and inefficient internal communications could be harming your organization. When communication is poor, there is a myriad of flow on effects. This includes lower profits and productivity, costly mistakes, higher rates of staff absenteeism and presenteeism, poor safety, poor morale, low levels of employee engagement, high staff turnover, and potential for reputational damage. However, […]


Following the changes the pandemic has brought about in the business world, organizations have significantly increased their use of data and the internet. This, in turn, has increased the prevalence of cyberattacks and cybersecurity risks. Accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers recently released a report estimating that about 62 per cent of Canadian organizations were impacted by ransomware […]

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Cloud services that aren’t properly managed can ‘leak’ data into the wrong hands.  This is something all businesses must avoid…… The big idea Organizations’ failure to properly manage the servers they lease from cloud service providers can allow attackers to receive private data, research my colleagues and I conducted has shown. Cloud computing allows businesses […]

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The average business receives 10,000 alerts every day from the various software tools it uses to monitor for intruders, malware and other threats. Cybersecurity staff often find themselves inundated with data they need to sort through to manage their cyber defenses. The stakes are high. Cyberattacks are increasing and affect thousands of organizations and millions […]

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Three 9-year-old girls are huddled around a Caesar wheel, an ancient tool for sharing secret messages. Cracking a code is one of many challenges the girls complete to help characters in CryptoComics escape a mysterious cyberworld into which they’ve been drawn. CryptoComics is a curriculum designed to teach elementary school children – particularly girls of color – […]

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President Joe Biden on March 21, 2022, warned that Russian cyberattacks on U.S. targets are likely, though the government has not identified a specific threat. Biden urged the private sector: “Harden your cyber defenses immediately.” It is a costly fact of modern life that organizations from pipelines and shipping companies to hospitals and any number […]

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